Thursday, 17 February 2011

fred astaire

stumbled upon this new music find -- a voice i find very happy: emma wallace.
the tunes she sings are super sweet, witty and rather upbeat...have been playing a lot her second album "temptation"... i kind of feel that its songs mirror my mood and state of mind these days.

am particularly fond of her "fred astaire". just cannot seem to get its catchy tune out of my head + the lyrics are just smashing...

" i live day to day...most of us live that way -
with jobs to work, and chores to shirk, and those bills to pay.
i've tired of this routine. i want a different scene . . .
to sit and sigh as life goes by just isn't for me.
i'll dance backwards in high heels and perfect hair,
twirl my twirls inside a negligee if you'll be my Fred Astaire..."

a cool website to sample this track (and the rest of the album - "temptation") is this one:

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