Monday, 21 November 2011


i will never be a fan of turkish pop, i am afraid. to me it all sounds the same. and the music videos? oh well, if the singer is a guy - the scene is always the same. his beardy, manly face appears in between two women (both with super long hair, both dressed up to the nines) fiercely fighting to get him. he turns his face to the left, he turns his face to the right...with the pained expression of somebody experiencing extreme sea sickness. and somehow never manages to make up his mind.
it seems that the only up to date (and actually nice) international music is played in the "all american" outlets like gap, starbucks or burger king. i was recently almost moved to tears when i overheard "watching the wheels" by john lennon coming from one store. however -- starbucks did fail me yesterday. "frosty the snowman" - was the poor (seasonal!) musical choice...and (in line with the despair xmas prompts me) i could not help but cringe and duck my head down.
some of my students quotes kind of stick with me. two from last week are:
1. (one guy in one essay): "i think that the women who work are only those who lack self esteem. only women who do not have enough self esteem NEED to work. i also think that women, if they work...they should only decide to do USEFUL jobs. like doctor or teacher".
2. "my teacher, sometimes i feel I LOVE YOU ALL OF A SUDDEN..." a girl in one of my weekend classes said, enthusiastically.
so i kind of try to reply... "...right, i might get embaressed here..."
and she concluded "you should not. nothing to worry. i say that because i am young, you know".

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