Friday, 15 July 2011

we want roses in turkey too

i am sometimes puzzled at the peculiar and peculiarly evolving situation of women in turkey. and while there is a reknown (absolute) gap between the condition of women in the west and the general terms - the perception of women in turkish society and the way younger generations of women here are changing their awareness and mentality is something unusual for any european observer. the way i see the broader picture here - in terms of equal opportunities is a mix of signals blending a huge variety of scenarios: still unglobalised patterns, sometimes surprisingly modern trends, sometimes surprisingly clueless attitudes, sometimes odd habits, sometimes plain naive opinions, with young women expressing at times unrealistic expectations about life and relationships.
in this sense - i found enlightening the documentary "we want roses too" (vogliamo anche le rose) - by italian director alina marazzi. the movie gives a very interesting portrayt of what women experienced in italy (through the sixties and seventies) to get their "emancipation" - and while considering myself no feminist...i could not help but smile. turkey in fact reminds me so much of italy at times. a certain sexism is innate in both countries - not to mention the laughable macho / bravado culture that is typical of both turkish and italian men - despite the latter ones prefering to think of themselves as trendy and wordly.
on youtube - these are the links to watch "we want roses too" with english subtitles.

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