Friday, 20 August 2010


prepared a class on different english accents. the topic was met with enthusiasm - to the point that i got a bit carried away and, while talking about manchester and its mancunian "potato-in-the-mouth" quirky english...i hesitatingly asked "do you know the pop band oasis, right?" - and they all nodded and smiled approvingly...which left me wide-eyed with ecstatic, unexpected happiness. "you know them? oasis? the gallagher brothers??" i asked again in disbelief - having had too often students prone to wondering who on earth leonard cohen, the beatles, margareth thatcher, tony blair, kingsley amis, winston churchill, mick jagger were (much to my most juvenile despair) ...
" know their songs??" i kept on questioning them. "of coooooourse..." they shot back, somehow amused. wow!, i thought - finally a bunch of wordly, sophisticated connoisseurs of my beloved world of brit pop. WOW.
wow...i thought - next class we can talk about the whole "cool britannia" thing and then maybe we can watch together some "little britain" and then... wow. i was starting to look at them as if i had just discovered they were good pals with stella mc cartney or writing their phd dissertation on ken loach.
"and what is your favourite song from oasis?" i then asked - and they told me "c' is the SAME for everyone..." - which i found a tad misleading - "really??" i said "meaning...?"
and then they all spontaneously broke into a loud rendition of....
LIVE IS LIFE (1985!?) - BY AUSTRIAN (??!!!!!) BAND... OPUS!!!!!!!!!!!

life is life! NA - NA - NA - NA - NAAAAAAAA
LABADAB dab dab LIFE (na-na-na-na-naAAAAAAAA)
Liiiiiiiife (nanananana)

two of them clapped along. my jaw dropped and kind of froze for a moment or so...

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