Tuesday, 23 February 2010

brave mel - not me

i sleepwalked to school for a morning class and was not able to think straight because of a massive headache. the top floor of the school feels like the waiting room of a dentist. it smells like one too. on the walls there are three or four posters of famous movies. as i was waiting to enter my class, i kind of blanked - staring at mel gibson looking back at me with his trademark mad eyes.

every man dies, not every man really lives

it said, behind mel's left shoulder.
i read and repeated in the blur my head was.
it is fascinating how hardly anything can sound impressive and glorious when you are tired.

i guess...
sleepheart, really...that's me.

p.s. btw...allegedly, we almost had a coup d'etat in the country a couple of days ago.
i asked my students what they knew about this and they did not seem to care that much. they sounded as affected by the news as i would be by some impossibly lengthy explanation on quantum theory.
no allende around here any time soon - i am afraid...

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